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Enhancing Your Pet

Keep your pets looking great with our professional pet grooming services. We provide a variety of types of baths to help maintain the wellbeing of your animals. Pet Tracks Pet Services also provides puppy training that helps create positive behaviors in your little friends. We are based in Schoharie, New York.

Pet Grooming

We offer basic baths, massaging baths, and skin treatment baths. Our team takes care of all of your pet's grooming needs for all areas, including:

• Nails
• Ears
• Anal Glands
• Teeth
• Eyes

Mobile Grooming Services

Enjoy convenience as we bring our services to you. We will come to your home to do specialized flea treatments for your pets and also have flea shampoos available if you need. Let us help you rid your dogs or other animals of matted hair or fur. We use all organic and natural shampoos, and we tailor the shampoo for the type of hair on your animal. This customized grooming brings back the natural luster of their coat and neutralizes the enzymes of their fur.

Charming Pets

Relaxing Experience for Your Pet

Our massage bath will reduce stress in your animals. We work with many animals that have high levels of anxiety. Our bath relaxes the muscle tension in your pets and calms them down, which allows them to de-stress.

Puppy Training

We'll train your puppy to respond to basic commands such as roll, sit, and stand. We can also help your puppy become socialized with other animals. If you are seeking advanced agility training, we are able to recommend a trainer that we have worked with in the past. Training should begin as soon as your puppies are given their first shots.

We tailor our training to specifically suit your dog. We work with each dog individually, as every dog learns differently. Some are food motivated while others are simply not. This is why we take the time to learn your dog's mannerisms and customize the training. We suggest starting at 8-10 weeks and staying consistent with the training.

Vaccination Requirements

We require that all animals in the state of New York have their rabies vaccination. You will have to provide a note from a licensed veterinary clinician if there is a medical condition that prohibits your pet from receiving this vaccination. Additionally, your pets need to be on flea prevention treatment, unless there is a medical condition that prevents the use of flea medicine. A note must be presented for this as well. Dogs and cats must have current vaccine series, and we need a copy of their vaccine certificate to be kept on file with us.

Pet Transport

If your animals can be transported in a van or truck, we are able to pick them up from your home. We come right to your door to bring your pets to their veterinarian appointments and return them to you safely. If you need pet transport fr–om the airport, we'll do that too. Ask us about our pro-bono transportation services for rescue animals.

We can also arrange to take your dogs for walks for exercise purposes, visits to the park, or other fun activities — we even offer mid-day dog walks for those long work days. Our pet transport services are available for animal species including:

• Cats • Dogs • Rabbits • Ferrets • Exotic Pets • Pot-Bellied Pigs
Lovely Cats